Janicki Building 10

Janicki Industries B10, 185,000 SQ FT, Type 5B Industrial Manufacturing Facility, Mass Timber Project
2 acres of roof dedicated to solar
130,000 SF 1sft floor foot Print
13,000 SF first floor office space
48,000 SF 2nd floor office space
7,000 SF 2nd Floor Manufacturing Mezzanines.
102ft and 80ft Mass timber Trusses at 16ft on center and purlins at 4ft on center
55ft tall Concrete tilt wall lateral system
Wood shear wall lateral system
The manufacturing area supports (2) 10 ton cranes in each bay, four total. The bridge cranes are supported on glulam beams that are supported on shoulders milled into the truss columns. Each of the notches are reinforced with fully threaded fasteners.

20,000 sf 2 story office building: 100% CLT lateral system,
Post and Beam Platform framed with GLT floor and roof system with ¾” floor sheathing diaphragm.

  • Project Location

    Hamilton, WA

  • Building Type

    Commercial - Industrial

  • Square Feet


  • Mass Timber Scope

    CLT Walls
    GLT Floors
    Glulam Beams
    Glulam Columns

  • Sustainability

    North American forests grew this much wood in 569 seconds.

    This project kept 4348 metric tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

    This is the equivalent of keeping 937 cars off the road or providing clean power to 846 houses for a year.

  • Services

    Conceptual Estimating
    Design Assist
    Architectural Design and Project Support:
    Manufacturing and Material Supply
    Other Miscellaneous Services

  • Construction Status

    Under Construction

  • Architect

    Carletti Architects

  • Engineer

    Davido Consulting Group

  • Contractor

    Chad Fisher Construction

  • Mass Timber Installer

    Chad Fisher Construction